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Purly Whites

Ooo, I'd love to see socks or anklets made out of the Cash Iroha.


I'm torn between the bluesy purple Supersock second from the left and the color-streaked purple third from the right. But that's just me....Did your pal leave the door wide open for you to choose?

Those are definitely lilies you've got going on there!


My vote is for the Cherry Tree Hill, 2nd from the left! I'm knitting a pair of socks out of a solid color of Cherry Tree Hill and it's a beautiful yarn -- beautiful to look at, to touch, and to knit.


Oooh Cash Iroha for socks - what an idea. I love all the Cherry Tree Hill colors. In fact I think I have some of that yarn in one of those colorways....


My vote is for the reddish-orangeish Cherry Tree Hill yarn. It looks like a fun color!


ALL of those are wonderful, your sockpal is one lucky person! Can't wait to hear also, how those needles are...


I like the Cash Iroha and the two middle Cherry Tree Hills (the pink/orange and blue/purple/green). Such wonderful colours!


Wow, what wonderful yarn. Your sock pal is one lucky person! I like three of them. 1. the red/yellow makes me want to smile 2. the green/teal that's already wound into a cake and 3. the dark purple/wine color under the cake. All of them are beautiful. You have good taste!


I'd go for the funky red/yellow combo or the second from the left if it truly has that periwinkle color in it and I'm your sock pal LOL.
You really can't go wrong with any of them I think, they're all beautiful.

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