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Hi Cathy,

I recently had a problem with my computer which completely wiped my harddrive, so it took me a while to find all the information re. Sockapaloooza, and this is also why I contact you via comments rather than via email.

I have run into a big problem with Sockapaloooza. Things have been rather difficult and stressful in the past few months and I am now not sure if I can complete the assignment, at least not to the deadline of the beginning of May. Between finishing a PhD (which I had thought would be finished and submitted by now), renovating a dilapidated Victorian house to a tight deadline (we are moving in at the beginning of July), and finding out that I am pregnant (due in September / October), there has not been a lot of time for anything other than work recently.

I feel awful about this, and it really isn't like me to let my sock pal down like this. Is there anything that can be done at this late stage? Otherwise I can promise that I will fulfill my assignment eventually, but it may be the end of May rather than the beginning.

I would also like to contact my pal directly, but due to the computer failure I have lost all documentation of who my pal is (bookmarks are gone) and what her contact details were. Is it possible to forward me the details again?

Again, I am really sorry that it's come to this, and please let me know how I should best go about sorting this.

Thank you!


Hi more sock pal news. I love your socks by the way. The colors are wonderful. Blogger keeps puking back my updates. I am at the heel flap of sock #2 so I am hoping to be done in time.


Hi! I need to contact my S'p'oooza pal to let her know the socks (and a few tasty goodies) are on the way, just 2 days late, but her blogger account insists that I make a blogger account if I want to leave a comment and I don't have an email address for her. Could you possibly email me so I can tell you who it is so I can assure her that the socks are coming? I just realized that this is why I've never gotten in touch with her...each time I try I run into this blogger roadblock...

Many thanks~


I sent my socks to one of your sock charges and I don't have an email address to contact her - can you find out if she received them? Its Jennifer of Kamakaze (in spain) I mailed them on april 20th.- your socks look great by the way


Dear sock sister

I was in a hurry when I posted about my finished sockapaloooza socks last week. Now I've written a new post about the socks, with a bit more information.


Wow. The color combo on those socks is so pretty! They really show up well in that stitch pattern, too.

Bonne Marie

Believe it or not your Sockapalooza is way better than Lollapalooza was this weekend...

The Color of your Socks is so fresh it's cooling me down all the way over here in Chicago! FAB!

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