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An after party sounds great- I have a bust week & early morning fri., but if I am up for it I will come. would love to meet some other NYC knitters!


ooops-typo. meant to say busy, not bust....the keys are so close! hope my week won't be a bust ~_~


hmm, have you also thought about McSorely's? Right around the corner, reasonably priced beer by the pitcher, and it's actually pretty well lit

Jo Ann

Hey, I'm down. I'm unemployed, so, uh, no plans for getting up early Friday morning. I may be dragging a crafty friend along. I would love to meet up and would LOVE a few drinks...


This sounds like fun, I love Hop Devil! Maybe I'll get up t he courage to meet some new NYC knitters!



Hi. I'm flying in from Cleveland for the event. Hope we can meet and I can join the NYC knitters at Hop Devil!


That sounds right up my alley! I'm from upstate, so I'm missing most of the afternoon events, but I'd love to meet for some beer afterwards!


I'm in for a beer or three after the FIT event!

While I already work here, I'll be moving to Manhattan in a couple of weeks, so I'm all ready to meet some NYC knitters. :)


Any chance I could find you among the knitters and tag along with you? I only ask because after I'm going to need directions to Penn station to get on the train (back to Jersey hahaha)

I figure one beer with other knitters won't get me into too much trouble ;)

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